About Us

 RYTLYF (Pronounced Right Life) Be the Light, Live the Right Life. RYTLYF is a Christian Brand that encourages everyone everywhere to make the hard and right choices that better the world.  The right choice is always not the easiest, but the right decision will always be worth making.

In a world where wrongs are glorified, RYTLYF strives to promote wise choices.  There are many things we cannot control in life, however, we do have power over our answers to respond to different situations. Decisions ultimately come from our hearts and can shape our realities positively or negatively.  Many people today believe that making the right choice is boring, uninteresting, and cowardly. In reality, making unwise decisions without thinking about their consequences is cowardly.  Avoiding thinking can be detrimental to a person's life in the long-run.  Of course, no person in the world is perfect and is capable of making all the right choices; however, it is possible to live mindfully aware of his/her existence.

RYTLYF's founding is based on the countercultural book  Do Hard Things (DHT) by brothers Brett Harris and Alex Harris.  DHT encourages teenagers to utilize their capability to accomplish big things.  Although the book's focus is on teens, their overall message can be applied to everyone of all ages.  One of the book's main ideas is the concept of great potentiality.  RYTLYF aligns with this concept because the only way to fulfill potential is to make the right choices on the way.  To grow as people, wise and thought-out choices need to be made, which is what RYTLYF is all about.